Birschbach Media

Jim BirschbachBirschbach Media is an advertising and media sales consulting firm founded in 1997 by Jim Birschbach. Birschbach is a 40 year veteran having worked in cable, TV, newspaper, radio and Internet media marketing. From Madison Avenue to Main Street Birschbach has worked with media companies and advertisers large and small. His international experience includes China and Canada. Media companies have called upon Birschbach to help develop media sales and advertising development strategies and tactics. Birschbach has a long list of “blue chip” media organizations with which he has experience.

  • Sales pricing & packaging strategies
  • Sales impact & projections
  • Industry, market, advertiser and sales surveys
  • International media sales strategies
  • Advertising revenue development for increased distribution
  • Media sales team management, recognition & motivation
  • Contract negotiations
  • Career coaching
  • Senior management, sales management, account executive recruitment
  • Marketing strategies for companies under $100M
  • Media buying for advertisers—up to $10M expenditures